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Nokia N95

And look what computers have become. May I correct that, more accurate should be “And look what mobile phones have become.” Its still a phone, it should be a damn good phone for that’s what the consumers go out to shop for. The whistles and bells just makes it a better phone.

So before I blabber my comments about the phone. I’ll tell you WHY I bought the phone. Of course these are points that I already looked for / against before I burnt the hole in my pocket. :

The N95 is Nokia’s first HSDPA (3.5G) device, but also boasts Wi-Fi, WCDMA, quad-band GSM, Bluetooth (including A2DP), IrDA and USB 2.0 connectivity (via mini USB connector). Other hardware features include a 5 megapixel camera, a built in GPS, TV-Out, 3.5mm audio jack, FM Radio, a MicroSD memory card slot and 150MB of internal memory.

Nokia’s the bomb with HSDPA (3.5G) thats almost ADSL speed! Built-In Wifi, Quad Band makes it a world, Bluetooth with A2DP, InfraRed and USB2.0 with included USB cable. A whoopping sharp auto focus 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Optics, an awesome media player, built-in GPS, and PDA functionality. Its enough to make me praise it to be better than the iPhone. But what is Nokia thinking..? Here comes the missing points to the N95…

With a device that has built-in GPS, they’ve forgotten to add in a car charger. Nokia should have added that in the box at least. And for the price point, probably even include a Bluetooth ear piece. I don’t see any kind of support from Nokia’s global website on this. Absolutely no mention of a carkit for N95. I was hoping there would be an upgrade option for my current Nokia 6310 carkit. Nada.

The battery is a separate issue. If I’m gonna use the phone as a walking GPS, I guess I’d have to go around carrying this DC adapter that I got from Singapore. That way I don’t have to fear getting lost in middle of Rome if built-in battery shuts off. Maybe they should have an option of shutting off the rest of the applications but just let GPS Navigation running to save the battery power. The eCharge Easy adapter gives my N95 an extra 5 hours of use with 1x AA battery. And is able to charge the device to a good three bar gain after having a dead battery. Not bad for backup juice eh? I’m sure you’d be seeing this thing popping up in eBay in due time. Cost? Approx US$9.

Symbian OS. What can I say, either love it or leave it. I have a 4GB Sandisk II card installed in mine. When too many apps is caught running at once, it is most likely going to run out of memory. And the phone stalls. Only way to recover this symptom is to Reboot! I read somewhere that the previous N73 has more Ram installed in it than this more expensive unit! How could you Nokia!!?? With the pricedrop on RAMs these days, you have no excuse. But the rule of thumb is to EXIT any applications that you not using before switching on to another app. Like any other computers, it will mean that you’re conserving CPU power. CPU in this tiny device definitely equals RAM. Which is insufficient with all the programs applicable in it.


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