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rastAsia reviews!

How many times has it happened to you. You buy some new electronics and then realize that it didn’t meet your expectations. And so why did you buy it!? Coz the adverts made it look so that good of course.

I’ve been tagged by some friends and neighbors to be the gadget man. Very often, before they go out to buy some new electronics they would gimme a quick call to see if it was worth buying. It sometimes gets pretty crucial, just worrying if I may have suggested them the wrong decision then they would come with their pots and pans up in my head. Its a figure of speech. I hope.

So thats what I’m just going to do on this page. Talk about electronics (and maybe even non-electronic) gears that I already own and tell you my views and feedbacks on products that I have. There’s of course a huge range of products when electronic is mentioned. I’m most interested with audio gears, communication tools, and maybe some housewares like those that my wife is always grumping or boasting about. And so here we go… I’m going to start with something that is bothering me the most to date. Lets see which one that will be.


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