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Just received this VOiP phone in the box after a long 6 months wait! Yea six freaking months! Huge demand I guess. Popped the included 2x AA sized 1800mAh NiMH batteries in and it fired up with a soothing chime. Here in The Netherlands, the phone is set to work with KPN’s Experia Box with subscription called Internet-Plus-Bellen via KPN, Holland’s leading phone service provider. This is internet+phone in one. Right off the box, after turning on the phone (following the included instructions) all I had to do was reset the wireless Experia connectivity box with a safety pin and the rest was easier than setting up my Airport Extreme box! No joke. No disc to install, just a one page instruction and the only thing you need to plug in is the power adapter. After the Experia box reset cycle was done, WP6500 instantly picked up the encrypted WPA networks including my Airport Extreme network. On first try I thought I’d try to connect with the wireless N from Airport Express since its got a further reach – it connects on WiFi but states that there is no phone service connectivity. Clear and simple. So I did as instructed – connecting it with the Experia unit.

The connection was incredibly easy. And even user friendly. If you know another friend has the same experia box in their house, you could just take this phone and set it to their unit and have video conferencing without cables LAN to LAN or LAN to Mobile. Whichever way you choose. Hey you’re the paying consumer. Versatility in hardware product you pay for is key!

Accessories includes an output cable that enables you to view both you and your caller on your new TV. And that same 3.5″mm jack functions also as a headphone port for you to use regular earphones to have best audio while you chat on its built in mic. We attempted the call with my girls screaming and yelling at me from the Philips VP6500 and I have to say, audio coming in through my Nokia N95 is absolutely incredible. No hiss, no back masking, no echo, no reverb whatsoever. Just good clean audio and of course acceptable video with no lag. I just realized that on the N95 while having that video chat that I can click on Option and choose to have Smoother or Sharper looking video. The default was already good to me. Sharper captures a brighter looking video while Smoother renders a better telecast with slightly lower quality but pretty in-sync audio. AWESOME!!!!

So while some particular part of the world is getting hyped up about a ‘revolutionary’ iPhone release, I’m here enjoying what’s going to be the far future for them which took to hype to get to reality. The two phones or rather fast developing companies in conjunction here, both unsurprisingly Dutch owned KPN and Philips, is a perfect example to what future communication is going to be. You don’t need to pay extra to call from home to SEE AND TALK to your beloved while he/she is on the road and you get to show yourself in true form of communication. This time, we can smile to each other while the rest of the world is only complaining over a $500 overpriced sing-along phone.

Next product coming up from Philips is rumored to integrated Skype, MSN and other VOiP chat into the already available hardwares. Its only time before it all gets intertwined to be the most definite communication device. No hype needed. Its already here.


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