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Clarke-Tech 5000HD-Combo + TechniSat Multytenne TWIN (Part 3 of 4)

The HDTV Satellite tuner

Face it. If you’re gonna place an HiDef SAT Receiver under your TV, it better look as good as your (probably) brand new HDTV. And I gotta say, right out of the box, I love the design of this Clarke-Tech. The buttons are well placed with no distracting dials. The CI Card slots are well covered behind a pull-down plate. The USB port is at the front for easy access. And heck, its slick shiny black!

If you’re a sci-fi fan you’d have known that Clarke Tech is the author of the 2001 Space Odissey.

A tribute to a great dreamer

It was during the late 40’s when writer C.Clarke (Author of 2001 Space Odissey) had imagined that, if a television transmitter could be placed at a certain distance from the earth, it was possible to cover with its signal an entire continent. To achieve this intent, those transmitter would have been placed on satellites orbiting at 36000Km from earth at equatorial line level. An ingenious system seen the fact that in this way the satellites would have followed exactly the earth rotation. The satellite, viewed from the earth would have appeared as a fixed point in the sky. With three of these satellites, Clarke thought it was possible to let the television signal cover the whole globe. The vast majority of the scientist back then was laughing at this proposal, defining it science fiction.

Many years needed to pass before the first radio/television comunication satellite was launched during the cold war at the end of the 50’s. The president of the United States of America Eisenhower was able to irradiate his Christmas whish speach to the whole world through the satellite Score.

The belt at 36000Km positioned right above the Equatorial line, where the satellites are orbiting has been nicknamed Clarke’s belt, in honor of the guy that first thought of making use of it.

It was the beginning of a new era….~ Quoted from

Clarke-Tech 5000HD-C with 500GB external drive
Blue LED light indicating Standby Mod.
This option is can be turned off if you think its not your thing. But after a while using it, it served me as a quick indicator to let you know if the box is turned on or off.

Black Box
Unlimited USB external Hard Drive recording enabled.
I tried this with my Lacie Porsche 500GB USB2.0 drive and it records without a problem. In fact if you’re format savvy, you could easily open the captured video and watch the recorded program in your laptop / computer. Sweet! By the way, the captured format is in MPEG4 which I will elaborate on.

Hi-Definition Multimedia Interface output.
Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) in MPEG-4 means you have Tomorrow’s Media Today.
MPEG-4 is designed to deliver DVD-quality video (MPEG-2) at lower data rates and smaller file sizes. And the same folks who created the popular .mp3 file format — a.k.a. MPEG-1 layer III — developed the new Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) codec, providing much more efficient compression than MP3 with a quality rivaling that of uncompressed CD audio. If you’re an Apple Quicktime fan, this is great news!

MPEG-4 is ready to stream incredible-quality audio and video today in QuickTime. With the free QuickTime Player or browser plug-in, you can play back any compliant MPEG-4 file.

STAB® Universal Satellite Automatic Location System
Digital Satellite Equipment Control 1 & 2 (DiSEqC1.2) for motorised enabled dish

I don’t use this option since I have TechniSat’s 4LNB auto align system on my dish. (See my previous input on TechniSat Multytenne.) But if you use a motor-controlled dish, you’re well prepared for an auto locating system.

Clarke-Tech 5000HD-C for Combo
Intergrated Card Reader and 2 additional Common Interface slots for various additional channels subscriptions. For the Dutch users, this box can be used to receive Digitenne TV channels if you slide in a KPN Digitenne card into the CI interface. This is possible since this system is DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T compliant. Yep you read that right. It has 2 tuners built in. The USB slot being behind the face plate do kinda bother me a little. If you plan to leave a USB Drive there permanently, there’s no other option but to leave the plate down thus ricking dust gathering on your CI module slots. Other than that, its good for easy access I guess.



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