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Clarke-Tech 5000HD-Combo + TechniSat Multytenne TWIN with 4 Satellites reception (Part 4 of 4)

After 2 months of using this setup, I have to say that I’m pretty content with it. But just like any other consumer we can never be content comparing to what’s available out there for best experience possible with a digital satellite setup. The quality out of the 2 units used side by side has been a great one.

There is nothing more to say about the Multytenne dish. Besides the easy assembly along with proper guidance as to which direction to point the dish to, its one of the best value-for-money dish today. Thus the weakest link (possible) in this setup is clearly the Satellite Box which is key for ultimate experience.

External Hard Drive recording:

I’ve attempted plugging in all kinds of external Hard Drive in the CT and as long as its formatted FAT16, it will be recognized and thus recordable via the available USB port. USB Sticks, Self-Powered USB 2 HS Hard Drive, Micro Drive all works with this. But the time it takes the hard drive to be recognize by the CT depends on the (initial buffer) size. Thus a 2GB stick will be more instantaneously recognizable instead of a 500GB Lacie HD like the one I use. But to overcome the delay, you simply need to initiate the drive earlier to prepare the drive for instantaneous recording. And then you’re sweet to go.

The inability to Record one channel and watch another simultaneously really is starting to bother me. How many times within the family has it happened that you want to watch football or Top Gear and the family comes around and asked for NCIS? OK I want to watch both if possible and here’s where the squeeze comes it. You can only watch one with the current CT.

There is however an option out there that enables the Recording of one program while watching the other. In fact you’d be able to watch both at once since today’s TV enables PIP viewing!! And I want this new box. How unsurprisingly, its made by TechniSat and was just released weeks after I bought my setup.

TecniSsat DVB-T Receivers

This will be the next acquisition I guess. While the CT can go up into the bedroom for a smaller HDTV that we plan to get to be mounted to the wall. It does all the CT does and even more with it’s built in 160-500GB option of internal HD along with an external USB connectivity. And of course the much yearned for Twin Tuner.

The only difference I see since its release is the placement of the USB slot. Some images has it placed in the back where as newer ones have it placed under the flip-open faceplate of the HD S2. I would highly recommend the one behind. Based on experience with the CT, its not a nice sight having cable sticking out from the front face plate. You want to possibly keep it well stream-lined and clean on your entertainment deck.

The only let down will be the asking price for this unit. At EU500 to EU600 depending on the internal storage size is quite another bullet to consider. Guess I will wait til there’s more of the same kind of box designed by other companies. But looking at the specs from the HD S2, I rally think there is nothing more to be improved unless if they start recording compressed video in H264 instead of the current ‘alien’ format in the storage. Imagine what you can do when its in a recognizable format. YOu can then transfer it to your iPod or burn it to CD or DVD in a format more transferable for other medium playback. Now THAT would be hot!


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  1. hello,i enjoyed your review of the Technisat Multytenne. we are thinking of replace our dish that died in the last storm with a Technisat Multytenne dish, and wonder how well this dish did in a storm? do you retain a good picture in heavy rain?? how is the reception of Astra 2 on such a small dish? we have/had a 80cm dish and the reception was good.

    March 14, 2008 at 6:30 pm

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