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Let Me See!

I guess it all goes down to the final servings.

Try to watch GZ-HD7 consumer video posts on Vimeo. It has better resolution as opposed to youtube which does not deliver HD playback. There are groups in Vimeo that are evidently enjoying their camcorder. And if you must compare them to let’s say the HV20 videos. Then do just that! Evidently videos posted on Vimeo are more well directed for community of users. So you definitely see better quality edits and professionalism in the posts there as opposed to youtube. You get optimum video if you on a fast connection and a good video card. Due to the odd downsized ratio in my blogger, the video might not play as good as it is in full screen. Also try to let the flash buffer bar finish uploading if you’re on a slow connection.

Go ahead and view the rest of my posted videos on Vimeo. Feel free to comment on this blog or Vimeo about the HD7. I’m no video professional but I try to keep my creativity at flow. If you don’t own the camera and need to know more about it, you’re more than welcomed to eMail me with your questions. But of course its best if you address your technical questions to JVC themselves. Thanks for visiting my review blog.


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