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Air and Simple Gifts – A complete package for Obama.John William’s homage gesture to Aaron Copland.

Pre-recorded or not while being performed on stage doesn’t matter. Its a great composition and no one does it better than John Williams. I’m more amazed that the recording turned out pretty good despite the fact that it was recorded in some Marine Barracks in WA. In the end, it didn’t really matter since the playback was going to be done to a cheering crowd of thousands. Shows to proof that you can record anywhere when there’s good idea and talents on the job. Yep, mobile recording IS the way of the future!! I am curious however if they actually DID play on stage… Why bother with the fancy microphones and cablings then? Can anybody that was seated on the inaugural platform tell us how it was?

Television or not, the beautiful melody we all heard was pre-recorded on Sunday. Mr Perlman predicted a disaster if it was performed live based on how acoustic instruments would tinker in cold weather. But I also believe JW may already got a planned date with Sony Studios for a proper recording before its seen fitted to go on sale in iTunes. Either that or some WA Marine Barrack is now garnered as John’s next fav’d recording studio. ; )

Aaron Copland (1900-1990)

The melody that Aaron McGill played on the clarinet is undoubtedly from ‘Simple Gifts’ which is a ballet score from 1944’s Appalachian Spring done by Copland. That very tune was weaved in beautifully with the opening material. And yep, guess who Obama’s favourite classical composer is. Will this mean more support for classical music and the arts with Obama’s administration? But there’s more to this. In 1953, a pre-inaugural concert by the National Symphony Orchestra at Constitution Hall, a concert attended by then president-elect Eisenhower, was to have included a performance of one of Copland’s most popular works, A Lincoln Portrait. But a Republican congressman (from Illinois) objected, suggesting that Copland was too liberal and maybe even Communist-friendly, so the piece was pulled from the concert.

Inserting the touch of Copland into the Obama inauguration, Williams told Variety last week, offers “a completed circle of events that is nice to think about.”

I look forward to hear the official release on iTunes. For the time being, I’m happy with what I’ve captured on tele. Congrats America. God speed Obama.

Air and Simple Gifts
Featuring Itzhak Perlman, Yo Yo Ma, Gabriela Montero and Anthony McGill
Right Click to Download (4:30min 5.2MB)


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