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Omega Fury by Phu!

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There’s something unique to this creative work. Its the human interaction between design and communication. Ban YJ of Stikfas is the distinctive designer who sculpted his idea creating the figures you see. Whether its the 3 inch Stikfa or the 14″ limited edition, the distinct silhouette-sculpt portrays the human figure right down to its dynamic proportion. Its unique articulation have enabled him to roam the world over. From the designer, distributor and customizer end point; this in itself is a journey of a national triumph. All Stikfas, rastAsia & Phuek! are of Singapore origin.

Probably the most exquisite custom 14″ Stikfas by renown toy customizer Phuek!. Its been sitting in its original package with his signatures all over it. How could I ever crack it open!!? But Phu insisted that I let Omega Fury breathe some Dutch air. So I adhered. We’ll look at each piece in detail. To maybe help spur YOUR creative idea.
Phuek ’07
Unveiled only 2 years later


– No. 0026 of a 1000 Limited Bronze –
– Only 1 Phu77 Customized –

Hakama (Trousers)
Kasa (Hat)
Naginata (Pole with Blade)
Nawa (Rope)
Nobori (Ensign Flag)
Shuko (Tiger Claws)
Yumi/Ya (Bow/Arrows)

Aluminium sheet
Bamboo sticks/poles
Cotton/Felt fabrics
Cotton string
Disposable spoons
Jute string/cloth

“An elitist with an eminent martial art skill, Omega Fury upholds his dignity as being loyal, trustworthy and honest. For his commitment to his emperor, lord and countrymen; Omega Fury will live and die in the name of pride and honor. As he stares fear in the eyes, no battle is too severe for Omega Fury to conquer.” ~ Phuek!

First unpacked. Omega’s Body.
The leg, torso and body are pre-assembled to keep him in his suit.
Nice! He got signed under each foot!

I heard that Su (Phuek’s lady) helped to custom-tailor these stitches.
And could I say less? When else have you seen fabric used in Phu’s custom? It makes this piece even more unique. She did a phenomenal job!! Thank you Mrs Phu!

Peeking into the arm wraps, Omega limbs with striped sleeves!

Check out that shoulder shields on the upper arm. Now is that BOSS or what!?

The Kasa (hat) is made of real meshed straw. Not some old fabric but actual organic straw. Just like the real thing! The use of organic materials, breathing fibre, breaks the static figure into life.

And what is it that Ninja’s do with these beads eh?
Skittle the floor for a slip-and-fall get-away trick?

Could it get more realistic than this? For somebody who normally does dry metallic paint on vinyl, these arrows are detailed from its point, shaft, fletching and nock. One word. Flawless details.
OK so that was two.

How do ninjas always know what’s happening above em?

Please. Teach me….?

One definite accessory that makes him stand out. The tiger claw.
Run away fast when you see him put it on.

Standing in between his new friends
This guy definitely means business!

Doubt I’d ever get tired looking at my Omega Fury. The touches that Phuek! has given definitely sits on a class of its own. I don’t know if there’s been an in-depth look on his works with so much details. But you could definitely tell the passion he puts to his work which is highly influenced by another master toy customizer named Huck Gee. Thank you so much Phuek! and Stikfas for a wonderful journey!


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