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Camouflaged in a cloak of silence

They’ve always been different. In the approach on how the business started, and the basis on which the company follow. Strictly design based.

ARE YOU GEARED FOR A NEW WAY TO PLAY? That was the initial drive from 2001. The business years ploughed ahead. Playability have been taken over by vulnerability in volatile business times. Sustainability of a creative company depends on it’s core design. That IS it’s investment. But does it have to answer to it’s news hungry fans?

“That should not be a problem if they are true.” says Ban YJ, CEO and Founder of STIKFAS.

Stikfas meeting in Singapore Oct 2009

Stikfas meeting with Mister Ban YJ, Oct 2009

For years now, Stikfas’ website have been kept frozen. The News page have not seen an update for months. The company’s backbone have gone through some drastic changes too. When senior management along with the financial advisor left for a mainstream industry, it affected the structure of business. This, might have been the wake up call for Stikfas, telling itself that its business of design needs a revamp, to move away from the comfort zone, to where ball and socket seriously matters.

In a jiffy, it was as good as throwing out all the drawing boards, go back to where that dream got patented, and continue the core design from there.

According to Ban, the storyboard of design today continues from their sketchbook based in 1991. If this is true, then the boys are ahead of their times.

And yes I have been shown some prototypes of what the future will be. And it looks shockingly good!! The storyline to the initial character design, along with it’s state of being was enough to run a story til the next millenia. Surprisingly, future casts of characters is still based on their ball and socket design which Stikfas still holds pride for.

In it’s very essence, I think they’ve done it again. This time, along with collaborated licensing which will be announced in due time, I believe Stikfas will cast a deeper impact within it’s hardcore fans, more than it’s ever done before.

Hold your ground, they’re about to move the massess. Stikfas returns… And I’m looking forward to it!


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