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Xtreamer. Don’t underestimate its size!

It might have been the best thing I got from my last visit in Singapore. I read the outstanding review about it somewhere (probably twitter), and stumbling upon the Singapore showroom by chance in Sim Lim was like luck on a satay stick.

The unkle (everybody is related in Singapore) behind the counter was the friendliest tech/sales person I’ve ever met. I’m not sure if its the Xtreamer’s very own credibility or his irresistable charm that drew me to close the deal but I’d say its a fair of both! If you’re ever in Singapore, go straight to the 6th floor of Sim Lim Square and see this man and product for yourself!

It didn’t take long to decide that I wanted the Xtreamer. How long have I battled to have a Media Player that plays various HD content directly to my HDTV?? I’ve got a couple of edited home-videos that’s been sitting in the hard drive. There was an option to transfer it into the PS3 but that player is pretty fussy on its playback format. The Xtreamer however is a hog on both video and audio format. I think it only missed JVC native TOD format, but that’s about it.

Netherland’s Deadly Electronic Pricing

Thanks to the iPhone and web world I was able to quickly Google the Xtreamer price if I were to buy it in Holland. What??!! (Scroll down to see Dutch – Singapore price comparison) I didn’t hesitate paying SGD$400 for the package from IT-Image Pte Ltd. For that price I got a complete package which includes:

– The Xtreamer
– Western Digital 2.5″ 500GB 5400rpm HDD
– Gold 1.3b certified HDMI cable 1.5meter
– WiFi-N USB Antenna

On top of that I got my 7% GST returned at the airport.
Thus the total cost of SGD$372 nett = EU179 = HAPPY SHOPPER!!!


That’s EU153 incl tax but before the 2.5″ 500GB HDD.

Another referred Benelux retailer will bill you EU317,91 incl tax before shipping. Unreal if compared to the price in Singapore. How oh how does the pricing gets fluctuated like this in Europe? Who’s making the money I wonder???

I would suggest buying the product from Singapore and having it shipped here. I’m sure you’d be paying much lesser even after the 20% VAT!
$400 + $80 + approx $20 shipping = SGD$500 = EU241

Quoting Xtreamer’s Mission Statement of WHY PAY MORE? I think I did pretty good. 🙂

Assembly : Plug-N-Play

It’s child’s play to get the Xtreamer up and running. Plug the power-cord into the back of the unit with the appropriate prong adapter for the region you’re in. The 12v adapter works on variable 110v~240v so its good to work just about everywhere. Plug in the HDMI cable into your HDTV’s spare input connection and Press the Power Switch on the Remote. If you had content pre-installed in the internal hard drive, like the Demo Videos uncle had for me, you’d be laughing with joy witnessing the simplicity of using the Xtreamer. It can’t be any harder!

*There are some settings to tweak but it doesn’t really matter since HDTVs this days are mostly comes with hardware setup auto-detect. PAL or NTSC does not matter much with the digital screen of today.

But hey, I’m a tweak freak. Navigating to the HOME – SETTINGS menu, you’ll see these options (as from v2.0.1):


Going straight into the A/V setup for best Audio and Video experience, I got my setup as such:
Night Mode – Comfort
HDMI Audio – On
Digital Output – DTS Master Audio / Dolby TureHD 5.1CH
Aspect Ratio – 16:9
Brightness – 25
Contrast – 25
TV System – 1080P 60Hz
1080P 24Hz – On


The easiest most straight forward way of transferring data to the internal drive of the Xtreamer is via its USB 2.0 port. There’s a trick to let your laptop see the external drive. Not as tricky as it sounds, but you FIRST need to power it with the adapter and turn it ON using the REMOTE. Then, Plug In the USB Cable provided and you’ll see the Hard Drive appear on your Desktop. You’re good to go!

You can create Folders and the rest is just an easy Drag n Drop. That’s it! I tried various video and audio formats and nothing is alien to this little beast. (I use a MacBook to do the transfers and it works fine.)

Small But Amazing Media Tank!

The next biggest selling point about the Xtreamer is most definitely its size. Its no bigger than a regular 3.5″ hard drive! Besides the USB WiFi-N that sticks out from its rear connection point, you’d hardly notice the most powerful Media Player on your TV desktop. I have a PS3 and a TechniSat HD Satellite Box that already sits on the rack. I don’t want a media box to protrude out between the two hardwares. Bottomline, the Xtreamer is not obtrusive to the eye. And being black, it kinda fits perfect in between my Home Video setup. ; )

“Don’t just stop there!” Says Xtreamer. “Expand!! 4TB!! eTRAYz..”

Go ahead. Call me a kid with his new toy. I’ve also ordered myself the eTRAYz which will hold max of 4TB of data from 2 SATA drives. That would be usable as my Network drive. Thanks to Xtreamer who honors the purchase from Singapore, I’m gonna get the eTrayz at their offer price of EU59 offer price. YES!! More savings!!


I’ll have to give Xtreamer a double thumbs up! Both on hardware design and Customer Service Response. My request to purchase the eTrayz was replied in less than 24 hours. And not only that, they’ve responded in perfectly good English.

Dear Sir,
As you initiate an order for the Xtreamer before November 1st you are able to buy eTrayz for 59euro promotion price.

1. Please provide a scan PDF of the receipt to:
2. Kindly provide your order number and SN of your device in the order notes.

Then, we will approve your order and ship you the eTRAYz for 59 euro promotion price.
Thank you,
Xtreamer sales team

Its majorly important for a tech company to have background customer support that communicates as good as the product. And the fact that they’re constantly busy with firmware updates tells of a company that would be creating lots of positive news in the days to come. Hats off to the team!

Keep up the good work Xtreamer! And I’m sure we’ll be hearing more success stories from you in future. I’m a fan already!


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