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BIG WuzaahH!!

There’s so many videos in this viral web space in relation to Stikfas. I dare you to seek em in any video hosting sites like youtube or yahoo, and I bet you’d find enough to watch the whole afternoon away! But more importantly, every single one of this inspired producers and directors should be complimented for their inspiring effort! There is so many of you talented fans out there who have and is continually using Stikfas as their medium. Not only just for videos but also as means of expression through your customs.

The fact that Stikfas is easy to articulate, built with a solid silhouette of the human figure makes it a very likeable candidate for many stop-motion animators out there. One such person who does this professionally is Errol Ellumir from Canada. He has a knack in giving character to even Lego blocks. Thus its lesser of a problem with Stikfas I bet! 🙂

His most popular video using Stikfas would be the FIGHT scene which uses the Beta Female who continually beats down rows of Alpha Males in her path. There’s more to this video, there’s even the making of it in Errol’s blog. The study of the human motion, expression and anatomy along with rotovision tools helps a lot in that incredible clip. Meaning the limit to stop-motion art truly depends/belongs to the beholder.

The animation tutorials to follow afterwards was what made the web chuckle. Today, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Errol for his grand effort putting such time and dedication in making these videos. I hope someday he can get to meet the man who builds Stikfas himself. Fans like you Errol who trust the product and enjoys making phenomenal clips like this is just what propagates Stikfas to its worldwide recognition. A big WUZAAH thank you!

PS: What makes Maggie so tough?? And please give Manny The Zombie a chance..

Hit the jump to see the related videos!


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