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Definitely one of the most natural looking stop motion done with stikfas figure. It goes around the producer’s home looking for an adventure.. finding its way down via a guitar which is leaning against the shelves and then eventually finding a credit card to actually purchase itself a partner online. I still haven’t figured out the easter eggs in there. According to Damon Bill Axe and Jessica Drumond, there’s a few hidden in there.. If you see any do let them know!


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  1. Great movie. Great, great movie.

    Very well done !

    I found these, but i’m not sure that they are the Easter’s eggs you were talking about.

    0:52 We see the Homepage of Errol’s (Eelumir) blog “FIGHT – A stikfas stop motion short ”

    3:06 On the wall, the 3 frames says “MADE YOU LOOK”.

    4:45 There’s Stikfas written on the credit card.

    4:54 Mulholand drive (like the movie)

    October 25, 2010 at 5:23 pm

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