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Creating Custom Ringtones On Your Iphone

You don’t need additional audio programs to create a ringtone from within iTunes. What you do need to do however is to limit the section you want as ringtone limited to 40 seconds. TIP: You don’t need to keep it at 40 seconds all the time, as a good cropped selection would loop (or ring repeatedly) better than a truncated ringtone melody.

Assuming that you already have the song in iTunes, what you need to do is click on Get Info. That’s CTRL+I or Drop Down Menu > File > Get Info

Select the OPTIONS settings and there on the START and STOP menu fill in the appropriate start and stop time for that desired loop.

Close that window.

Now on iTunes Right Click on the song again.

This time select chose CREATE AAC VERSION, after which it will be a new copy created on your playlist with exact name. However its an .m4a file within Finder.

Change this extension to .m4r and you’re pretty much set. IMPORTANT THAT YOU CONTINUE READING..

This final UN-DOs are just as important, or you’re just gonna hear only short versions of your songs within iTunes. You don’t want that right? šŸ™‚ So listen up.

Really important that you TURN OFF the song START/STOP MENU after creating the new copy! This will play the song selection back to default full length.

Now the trick: Remove the NEWLY CREATED file from your iTunes playlist with the KEEP FILE option. Back on the FINDER however, simply double click the newly amended .m4r file to have it repositioned in the correct folder automatically, ie; Ringtones.

If you’ve edited the .m4r to allowable length, you’d notice that it would now appear in the RINGTONES section. If its longer than 40 seconds it simply will not appear there. Basically Fail Proof.

So there you go! Choose and Sync the ringtone of your dreams within iPhone’s iTunes Settings and you’re no longer the noob that have that same ringtone everytime.

PS: Can’t stress enough.. REMEMBER TO TURN OFF THE SONG START STOP MENU IN INFO SECTION AFTERWARDS!! I forget to do this a couple of times and ended up just listening to segments of my fav music within iTunes. Oh well, the damage is not permanent. Thank goodness. šŸ™‚

If you find it a little tricky to do or simply have no time to do your own ringtone, why not drop me a note. I’d gladly help you out if you mail me the songs of your wish. I have custom ringtones for different group of people, so I know when its Work or Play calling. šŸ˜‰

Here’s the last tip for the day on assigning these ringtones to specific contact person:
Phone > Contacts > Select contact > Edit > Assign ringtone

Now get em to call you instead of you calling em!


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