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Gracenote MusicID-Stream technology App Debuts for iPhone

So in May of 2010, Gracenote announced that its powering the new smart drive app for the iPhone for SMART fortwo owners, representing the world’s first deployment of a streaming music identification solution by an automotive manufacturer (smart is a brand of Daimler AG).

Smart fortwo drivers to use their iPhone to identify music playing in their car from any audio source. The app will then return information about the identified track including artist and track name, album cover art and a purchase link for convenient download. This brings an entirely new level of music enjoyment to the car, which is the primary environment in which many people listen to and experience new music. Thanks to an integrated web radio function, users can listen to their favorite domestic and foreign radio stations and podcasts whenever they want. Gracenote’s MusicID-Stream makes it possible for smart fortwo drivers to identify and acquire this music on the fly via iTunes.

MusicID-Stream leverages Gracenote’s audio waveform fingerprinting and search technology as well as Gracenote’s Global Media Database. The company said the result is a scalable solution for partners that can be deployed on a mobile handset or directly on an automotive head unit.

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