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‘Gears of War’ gets a re-make.. Behold ‘Toys of War’.

It’s halfway through.. and for some reason its slipped under our radar.. Self-professed to be an amateur, stop motion artist Vincent Tétrault of Québec Canada looks like he’s gonna be first to ever remake a TV Commercial using Stop Motion. And specifically using Stikfas’ Black Ops figures.

Here’s what he thought:

After some researchs on the web about puppets and armature, i discovered the “Stykfas”. A little plastic action figure with balls and sockets joints. These toys are the best for beginners because they work very well, offers great possibility of movements, a good durability and are very cheap. So i bought my first one on ebay, the “Black Ops”.
Black Ops Sparrow

We just heard that Vincent didn’t get permission to use ‘Mad World’ as seen on the original clip directed by Joseph Kosinski. But he did inform us he’s got a nice composer helping him out with the soundtrack. I’m sure the final work would be nothing less than amazing.

Here’s a short preview on one of the scene. When I first saw it, I thought it was done in Maya. But then realized its all in true stop motion! I’d give it a full score calling it amateur’s work!!

Do visit Vincent’s Blogsphere to check on the updates! This one’s gonna be epic!

And of course check out other Stikfas figures available today!

If you’re interested in more stopmotion works with Stikfas. There’s also a StikMotion Channel in Vimeo.


One response

  1. Woo hoo Hasan !

    Nice blog.

    I’m very happy that someone did a Blog and a Vimeo channel about Stikfas. We now have just a place to visit in order to see cool new stuff about these little plastic men on the web.

    I was very glad (and surprise) to read that article you did about my project. The attention around it is growing and… the expectations too =)

    I’ll follow rigorously your blog for updates.

    Keep up the good work !

    Vincent Tetreault

    October 23, 2010 at 3:40 am

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