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iRig goes 2.0 with Multi* Track Recording + Master FX

Much hyped IK Multimedia’s iRig iPhone app just got updated to version 2.0 today. This update which enables a single track recording plus track export capability in .WAV format is probably IK’s reply to Peavey’s Ampkit. There’s more to the calling, v2.0 allows you to record as you play (and do it a 4 Track recording if you pay for the additional unlock fee* of €7,99). Since the audio is recorded dry + wet in the FX chain, the unprocessed guitar audio can be “reamped” through a different amp setup later on.

Amplitube iRig v2.0 VOLUME

Amplitube iRig v2.0 PAN
This picture was taken before the in-app purchase to unlock the 4 track + Master FX

Amplitube iRig v2.0 INSERT FX
This picture was taken before the in-app purchase to unlock the 4 track + Master FX

What I think could be the BIG WINNER here is the option to use iPhone’s built-in mic. You can now enable this from the SETUP page. This opens up endless possibility of recording vocals or guitar via mic (think acoustic guitars) thus enabling you to add FX at the same time or later. I’m not too sure if the use of Blue Microphone Mikey would work with iRig v2, but if it does, all hell can now break lose. You just don’t need to bring that amp when you’re on the road anymore.

Amplitube iRig v2.0

Of course when you think the recordings about perfect, the MASTER FX layer now enables you ADD REVERB, EQ and a COMPRESSOR to finalize and bounce down your masterpiece into WAV format. Again its something I gotta try out, curious if its bounced into stereo interleaved at 16bit / 44.1KHz. No additional information is given as to what kind of compressor is being used, but IK being the maker of T-RackS3 Mastering Suite, I would be pretty certain that they’ve thrown an Easter Egg on this one.

Amplitube iRig v2.0

Amplitube iRig v2.0

Multitracking is a huge plus to this update. The fact that you can add Master FX and BOUNCE the tracks afterwards would be a definite YES for serious guitarist / musicians on the road. It may not be good enough for the CD but as an idea imprinting tool, its pretty wild.

You can safe different songs session in hidden folders by naming the tape. When your boss walks in, you can quickly safe the session and open it up again later when you’re home or jam out in the train on your way back. I got to go try it out further..

Mic Recording option, if compatible with the right condenser mic like the Mikey would mean everything to the tone seekers. And heck, you finally get to sing into your phone and place crazy FX on it.

TO enable the built in 4 Tracks Recorder + Master FX, that’s an additional €7,99. Not too shabby if your phone can handle the CPU* processings.

Its a CPU hog. If you’re like me, still hanging on iPhone 3G.. Still waiting on my iPhone 4, this app will cause you bits of stutter. But once with the iPhone4 and I’d definitely place that extra tracks on. Its worth the fun. ; )

No option to safe session. It would be even crazier if you can safe different songs into different session folders. So when your boss catch you, you can quickly safe the session and open it up again later when you’re home or jam out in the train on your way back. Or is this already a possibility? I got to go try it out..

Mixed WAV file from a pocket mixer is totally alien technology. But an additional option to convert the bounced track into bite-size MP3 or AAC so that you can eMail it to your band members across the Atlantic would be a bonus feature to come I bet.


Version 2.0 update adds even a sharper edge to an already incredible app. Given to the right hands, this could be some serious songwriting, or God forbid, a Lo-Fi production tool. Using the MUTE buttons after the session is done, you can bounce down individual tracks that can be imported into your DAW for further tweaking or arrangement edits. This is just the beginning of a pocket studio. When you’re done, you can call your mom and say “Mom listen to this!” And bet that she’d be proud of you for leaving those amp loads at home.

IK Multimedia, you rock!!

Hasan Ismail
The Netherlands

* Multi Track + Master FX is only unlocked at an additional fee of EU7,99


2 responses

  1. Thank you for the review! We're very proud of this, and really happy that many like it as much as you do. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    October 29, 2010 at 4:09 pm

  2. Thanks Peter. I'm pretty happy with it.. Only issue would be the fader panning GUI.. I'd suggest a pan pot for the next upcoming update. Thanks to IK for a great product!

    November 6, 2010 at 10:08 pm

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