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Elephant Candy EQu Equalizer for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

I received my new in-ears from Scosche to listen to dance tracks from my iPhone. Before getting this set of earphone, I’ve reviewed it thoroughly online to be sure I know what I was getting. Basically the iPhone’s earphone just doesn’t cut it for listening to music at home or especially outdoors.. I wanted something that isolates exterior sound well, doesn’t drop off my ears easily and at the same time have good bass frequency response without having to break the bank. And this, the IDR655m does very well.

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But as an audio engineer, that extreme frequency curve response was also disturbing especially when I switched to listen to other genre of music in my music library. If you notice the Frequency Curve Response chart from the back of the box, assuming that the grid is right, this IDR655m was made to boost Bass bottom from 100Hz to +8dB with a shelving EQ, boosts speech frequency from 2-5kHz to about +8dB and then there’s the drastic -16dB cut at the 12kHz. Perfect for for club listeners maybe.. But if you were to put on your jazz tracks to this, you’d be in for a muddled surprise. For it would sound totally wrong. So how can you fix this? There’s a couple of ways.

If you ever tried using the default EQ adjustments on Ipods, I’d say its a joke. To fix the boosted bass I might have to choose Bass Reducer. But how much of it is being reduced?? In short, there is no way to customize your own EQ settings in even today’s most favorable music player. Which is kinda sad.

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Of course I went on looking for possible EQ app within the App Store and was met with a few. Not but one caught my attention. It’s an App called EQu from ElephantCandy. This thing changes the whole listening game on your iOS device.

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I’m so used to using EQs as plugins when I work, I forgot how fun it would be to tweak Frequency Curves with a touch of a finger!! More of a surprise is that is that you can use EQu with AirPlay speakers. I have 2 AirPlay ports in our home that I use often. Now I have EQu it to match the sound where music is directed to play from. How I wish we got this EQu set for iTunes from your laptop or desktop!! Above is the setting for my BOSE Lifestyle Airport connection. Übercool!!

I’ve been listening through the app for couple of hours today and I can’t help but write this blog. I hope you’ll give it a try. Boy I wish all Elephant Candy tastes this good! 🙂

•1. For $3 or €2,39 this EQu is a no brainer. Not all headphone/earphones are made the same, thus a lil EQ tweaking is advisable.
•2. There is no limit to how many band of EQs you want to tweak on the EQu. I wish my audio app could do this.
•3. Customizable color display.
•4. No spatial distortion.

•1. Creating a curve is easy but there is no way to UNDO when you accidentally tapped another curve anchor in. Thus you got to start all over again from FLAT freq response.
•2. On iPhone 4, pressing PLAY button in tandem with tapLINEll™ headphone remotes pauses or sometimes shuts down EQu until the iPod is stopped.

•1. Maybe ‘double tap’ gesture can be added to remove / bypass some not needed curves.
•2. A full screen album art would be sweet but its the audio that matters here.. 🙂
•3. Force usage of EQu instead of iPod to play music by default with compatible remote use.

Lastly, if tweaking audio is your cup of tea, I’m sure you’d geek out when you see this image. I hear that there’s 1000 frequency bands on this thing. HAHA!!

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Read more about EQu from ElephantCandy from their website. I think at €2,39 or $2.99 this app is a steal. You got to try it out especially if listening matters to you. What more when it works wonders with AirPlay speakers..


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