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My head like a hole.. literally.. so much to do.. so little time.

Rushing to get the studio up and running again but there is just more things to get before all allocated Lacie D2 hard drives are connected.. Desperately need to run to the stores for a Firewire 800 breakout box for Firewire 400 connections or this studio is as good as dead.

The 27″ iMac i7 looks superb.. I would like to see Thunderbolt peripherals out in market already.. but of course Apple is not as lightning fast as we thought they were as the name claim. And what the hell were they thinking skipping the FW400s on the back of this baby… and instead sticking 4x USB ports??

The removal of the old dual screen setting now have left cables dangling here and there. You see I was more concerned about getting this 27″ fella up and running that cleaning up the mess has taken 2nd priority. Well almost. Until the part where I start sneezing my ass due to this intollerant of kicked-up dust from behind work table! So I guess 1st things first.. Vacuum cleaner and mopping action is soon to follow.

Sigh… Even the Digi002 and MOTU Traveler cannot be connected right now  due to the missing FW400. Alright.. Enough chat. I’m off to the e-market.. I don’t think I can get far with stores here, but I’d like to be surprised. Let’s see if MediaMarkt or neighborhood computer stores would have specific stuffs that I could use.

Now where is that year old USB hub before I start head banging on things to make it work. Or maybe that might just work. Gotta try out this Mobee Magic Charger already. I’d hate a dead mouse when you need it.


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