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ProTools & Logic smiles at their 16GB buffet..

Atom Splitter
Can’t help but swoon..

I can’t bench press more than 30 in a minute these days.. But I  can tell you I stuck 16GB of ADATA’s DDR3 RAM onto this iMac… and Kaboom! Did I see magic! Yes I get that eekie at times..

I thought what the heck. I need it if I want to learn After Effects.. and I’ve been always sitting back with CPUs for the last couple of years. Reading all this geek reports over the new MacBook and MacPro speeds does not help much but bring despair. Now I’m hoping I wouldn’t have to catch up again with technology within the next 3 years (fingers crossed) before this one pays itself off.  I know it wouldn’t do much difference within ProTools yet as its still running in 32bit mode. (Wake UP AVID!) But once on Logic 9.1.1 which has been 64 bit enabled for more than a year now, the DAW flies with even most intensive Reverb processings thrown on every channel. Not all audio plugins have been re-written for 64bit processing yet.. but what’s available now is enough to give you an idea of the things to come. Even more when Lion 10.7 gets released. I stacked Structure and Reverbs on randomly, and with only 10% CPU being nudged I thought I was tripping! That is way more significant than the last machine I had. Which normally wouldn’t even run. LOL.

The joy of running VST instruments is immense.. Running MASCHINE 1.6.2 within Logic is flawless. Before the upgrade, you hear a significant pause (sometimes half a second long) when MASCHINE is jumping scenes, but now anytime you switch scenes or patterns, it’s seamless. Massive improvements on VST, RTAS, MAS & AU plugins processings. As long as I don’t choke them all in one place. 🙂

And your score for the 64bit 3.4GHz is…

SO now we’re back in the game. Not the processing game.. but literally back at music-making without a hiccup. The last thing that should hinder you from laying down your creativity idea should be a CPU stutter when you’re in full steam. I almost bit the bullet for a MacPro but decided to do some pocket saving and go with an iMac instead. That extra EU2000 could go to extra audio gears if needed down the line. (Yea I’ve been eyeing on the Neumann for a while honey.. Or maybe that new pair of Genelec) And I think the result I see from this Geekbench chart is pretty significant. It’s not too far off from the 8 Core. Oh well.. I’m not that techy to translate what that means… But real glad to know I’m within that ballpark when it comes to working with an able machine in the studio.

So who’s up to test and see what this thing can do?


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