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Singaporeans caught for ‘human trafficking’ in The Hague

Saturday 20 August 2011 07:58

The Social Intelligence and Investigation Service (SIOD) of Netherlands yesterday arrested 8 suspects in the region of The Hague last Wednesday. These 8 men believed to be of Singapore origin are involved in a web of criminal organization which thrives on human trafficking, providing illegal work, unlicensed hemp trading, loansharking and money laundering at high interest rates. These men will be held for at least 14 days for further investigations towards the crimes convicted.

Head of the organization is a 42 year old man of Singapore origin who lives in The Hague. Now a Dutch citizen, he owns a consultancy bureau that aids in providing licenses and loans which particularly caters for clienteles of Asian origin. The remaining suspects are of ages 22, 24, 37, 38, 40, 40 and 44 years old. All the suspects are believed to be residence in The Hague, 5 of them without legal permits for residency.

The organization have been known to offer loans with high interest rates (of 20% per month) to illegal aliens. Most often when these loans are not returned in time, loan sharks will not hesitate to the use violence as their last resort. During the arrest, firearms have also been confiscated.

This criminal organization does not only provide illegal entry to the aliens involved, but due to the vulnerability also abuses them with illegal forms of ¬†money laundering to sustain their stay. The organization thus find means to manipulate and gain from this illegal labour force which disrupts the Dutch’s labour system. The Dutch government is on high alert to crackdown such activities.

SIOD have searched four public residences and an office space. An automatic weapon with LIVE ammunition have been found. Apart from those convicted, more passports have been found. Adiministration works, computers, jewelries and more than EU50,000 (SGD$ 87,242.915) in cash have been confiscated. In one of the residence, a hemp growing ‘greenhouse’ have been discovered and torn down.

Further investigations are being done by the SIOD within the Netherlands.

– Translated by rastAsia from audio source

Picture report available from

The Social Intelligence and Investigation Service of Netherlands


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