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5 years of graffiti animated with Serge Gainsbourg

Arnaud Jourdain’s idea is brilliant. For 5 years he captured 60 different still shots of various graffiti that was painted on the mythical facade of 5bis rue de Verneuil, Paris. 4K video was captured in 1080p. After having enough material, he began working with em in After Effect and Lightwave 3D.. It’s not a new piece, in fact he did this 2 years ago. I was looking for Gainsbourg videos when I found this. It amazed me when the wall came out into layers. More incredible was the patience Arnaud has before actually working on it. But again. He could have started compositing on the very first day and brew on the ideas as the months continued. But the final outcome was Gainsbourg worthy. Chapeau!

Track is album remix from Serge Gainsbourg : “I Love Serge Electronic Againsbourg” – “L’ Hôtel Particulier”


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