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Like a distant dream..

Each time I break a conversation in English here, people would ask me where I come from. Coz the accent doesn’t originate from across the channel, but instead somewhere Southerly. Not too far to being Australian either but definitely somewhere warmer. Well I’m glad you could tell the difference. The last time I’ve been back is 3 years ago actually… And yes. We are so looking forward to get back there again very soon. It’s so long ago since that I worry about not recognizing things, which happens without fail each time. That city is building and building, so fast so, that you cannot catch up. The speed of growth and development in Singapore looks like its not going to stop anytime soon. Possibly building with the speed of F1 – or at the speed of traffic that hustling through the CBD any minute of the day. I miss it. But in another perspective, I’m glad I’m not stuck in THAT traffic.

Things go so fast in Singapore.. it gets blurry if you stare into it.

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