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I want it Pink!

After having ridden her inherited bike for almost a year, my little one suddenly voiced her thought that she didn’t want that bike anymore.

“Why?” I asked.

“Coz my friends say its a boy’s bicycle..” she slurred. Well I don’t blame her. Her sister liked it as she was into dirt bikes back then. Plus the bike seems a bit too rugged for our feminine little character.

“And what kind of bike would you rather have?” I wondered..

“A pink one. One with my favorite color on it.”

She made it pretty clear nodding her head along with her words. I know she was not too excited with the bike since day 1 she got it from her sister. It’s never too exciting to get hand-me-downs.. I know coz I was the youngest in the family of 9 kids. Similarly, she was just content to have a bike as it was a pretty cool one no doubt. I paused a while, thought about our options, and proposed to her an idea that might be fun for both of us.

“How if we go to Praxis, get your choice of color in spray paint and then paint the bicycle ourselves. Like how TheKillerGerbil did your games room?” I see her suddenly computing the options in her little head and then she jumped up with a smile.

“Cool!!! I get to choose the paint myself and you help me spray it Pink and Purple!”

Rose and Paarse it is love. (Pink and Purple in Dutch)

New life from an old bike..

Down in the hardware store, she’s already made up her mind on which colors she’d bring home for her ‘new bike’. I tried to swerve her into some pastel colors but nah.. she’s got a mind like her mom. No chance about throwing me a curve ball daddy. Unsurprisingly we came home with the two colors that she chose. Not the Barbie pink, not too expensive, but nice choices I gotta say.

Back home work on dismantling the bike parts went on the way pretty fast. I’ve done some bicycle sprayings looooong time ago, but never onto a bike this small. It wasn’t that much of a task to do, but the cold winds blowing in the turn of season makes me not wanna stay out too long in the breeze. The necessary parts are set apart and we made final decisions on where the colors are going. Correction. It was her who told me what colors, where.

It came down to 3 main things. The frame, fork and handle bar. And possibly new bicycle seat and handle grip when its done. So here goes..

“And what about flowers dad? It’s a girls bike right? I want flowers on it.” She grinned.

“But its almost 10 pm… Alright, I think you need to be in bed already and by the time you get up, you’ll have some flowers on each side of the frame. Grab that iPad and show me what kind of flowers you want on your bike.” We googled for something that caught her eyes and finalized with something that was simple and in monotone black.. She seemed content and trusted me with her smile.. Thank goodness. Now get to bed.

“Ok I’m going. You paint this. And I want to see it in the morning.” She stood up gave me a kiss and climbed her way up to her bedroom. Happy. Excited. Looking forward to be surprised.

Right. Now where’s that Posca pen set I had from a while back….

After a whole long day and night of sanding, degreasing, spray painting, and flower customizing.. We finally came to the re-assembly. I think she would be proud to see it in the morning.. The Hawaiian flower turned out not too shabby.

She woke up early Sunday morning and was off to the pool. While they were away, I did last minute fine tunings. The seat and handle grip still needs to be changed but that’s not too much of my concern as there’s tonnes of kids bicycle accessories in Holland. As for now, the old bike is made new. And what’s more important is that she finally made this bike hers. Heck. It’s even got her signature with a little heart under the bottom bracket. Nobody else have one like it. And guess what. It’s in pink. Just the way she likes it. šŸ™‚

As soon as she got home I hear her running towards the bicycle shed. Swung the door open and yelled out.

“Cool!! Can I ride it out pap?!” Smiling from ear to ear..

“Go right ahead kiddo. It’s yours!”

Seeing that smile on your face made it all worth it..

Alright. So what’s next.

How rude of me.. I almost forgot to add the links to the fine folks who’s kindly donated us their awesome stickers.. Some of you might have already heard of em as they are no strangers to the fixie cycling world in Asia and the globe.. Do visit their sites as they certainly have more goodies there.

Extended thanks to:

TheKillerGerbil who was here couple of years back redecorating our playroom and Paris in a whole. You can see the interview I did while we were in Paris and Amsterdam here.

PeonFX for some great tees to make me feel home.. I’m still looking forward to have a ride with the old clan. They make up of old friends from early East Coast Park cycling days.. While they’re up on Fixies, I’m still the old fart hunting down steel frames here in Europe. šŸ™‚

And of course the one and only Crank Arm Steady who’s slowly changing the cycling community in Singapore and Asia with a strong growing Fix Gear community there.


3 responses

  1. Maiwenn

    U can come pimp my bike any day! Mine is a boring light blue;( awesome job!!!

    October 18, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    • Seriously?? Send me the frame and I’ll give you back rainbows. LOL!

      March 9, 2012 at 9:32 pm

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