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StikMotion at its best with Vincent Tetreault – Toys of War

Couple of months ago, we were excited to learn about Vince’s stop motion project. His goal was to remake the Gears of war’s TV commercial directed, by Joseph Kosinski, using stop motion. Today in a silent announcement, it’s finally done and boy is it good!! So good! I think the replacement soundtrack by Brett McCoy brought the whole scene together – uncanny. Here’s the original version with Bad World, or just skip it to Vince’s version further below..

Of course for us, the making-of is just as interesting, if not more.. Through Vince’s blog you ‘hear’ how the director works himself through obstacles faced on set to various sequences. The set and props for each one was amazing. You almost forget that these sequences are shot out of photographic frames.. one picture at a time. I don’t know the fps speed used but it looks really smooth for stop motion. Eventually you learn how committed and dedicated Vincent is with his workt. The last few sequences in sight, where he starts moulding and customizing the set up for Corpser, showed in his blog post, that was insanely good.

We all know Stikfas figures are an amazing addition for an expressive subject to macro photography. But it certainly pose new challenges when used for stop motion. In the right hands however, strong silhoutte from this faceless figures are more than enough to replicate humanoids expression through sequenced movements. Vince made it look so easy in his set.

We want to thank Vincent for bringing us along in his journey. I think stop motion film makers have patience of steel! You have to see it for yourself.. And read the complete making-of at Vincent’s Stop Motion Project if you’re interested about the production scoops.


Before you leave. Why not try your luck and compete in a Contest which Vincent’s organized online. You could win a signed DVD by the man himself!! All you need to do is show a thumbs-up or capture whacky facial expression of yourself with the wallpapers that you like from his blog. I might take a crack at that I think. 😉

Standing ovation and applause. Toys of War is amazing!!


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