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Astro 15 – Salutes late Heavy D & Joe Frasier on X Factor USA

Little man Astro is 14 going 15, but his rhymes flow 1000x more like poetry. I rarely listen to rap lyrics, normally just to its melody and rhythm, and once a while listening out if the lines rhymes. But when a teenager his age is writing, I’d gladly listen. Unlike too many of today’s rap writers that spits or shoot guns, booties and greens, his’ is all about the current state of (t)his competition.. His words’ and performance is no longer child play… instead it’s some serious ass whoopin. In between owning the stage yesterday, he dedicates it to late Joe Frasier and Heavy D.. Kid’s got class.

I don’t think many self-proclaim rapper could impress the judges or America for this performance. But looking at Rihanna’s face and reaction from the performance at the judges house.. This kid is legit to the core.

Each week Brian Bradley writes his own fresh lyrics to be performed live on stage on Xfactor USA.. And his judge and mentor LA Reid claims he can do 10 songs in a week. And true enough, each week I’m drawn more and more to this kid.

Seriously, ASTROnauts an all GO! I’m pretty darn sure he’s In It to Win It. That’s as far as I go with rhyming..

Also check out his 1st LIVE show performance here.. You might know this track better.. Astro will make ye.. XX… XFactor will make you.. XX 🙂 As ironically as it seems, I feel Astro’s biggest competition to win this is another kiddo of 9th grade. 13 yr old Rachel Astrid is another to look out for. Seriously folks, this kids mean business. No kidding.


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