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Time Is Nothing

Our dear friend Keesje Wichard left us quite unexpectedly last week on 1st January 2012 – New Year’s Day. She leaves behind her loving husband Rob, who’s been my guitar guru and friend since the day we met back in NYC in 2001. Keesje is no less creative herself. She’s all about art: there is no form or color to describe someone as bold, honest and true.

Instead of mourning this loss, I want this to remind myself of her generous and gentle spirit. I, personally, feel an emptiness that is hard to describe. It has something to do with taking for granted the idea that she would always be here. Got a cat problem? Keesje have the solution. Just weeks before, she helped us de-claw our cat Snappy. One which no one ever dared to.. for she claws. On everything.

She loves modern art. Forms of art that promotes positive change. While I cowardly once a while splatter paint on canvas, Keesje carves massive block of stones into forms depicted from her macro observation of flowers. Bright colors of purple and red, that’s how she’d dress on a special day. She sure adds color to Rob’s wardrobe! We’ve been graced with her presence for our daughter’s 10th birthday. Just as how she was there in our old apartment in Jersey City on the day that Zahara was to be born. “Come on. Get out now!” she’d say. And my wife gave birth that night to a beautiful baby girl which Keesje also helped care after.

Our move to this remote but bustling city (Zoetermeer) in Netherlands is certainly influenced by beautiful grace and honesty of this great couple. Sweet Lake City is not as sweet today with this loss.

Not long ago, in fact just weeks before, I introduced Keesje and Rob to Basquiat, a young black artist who took New York by storm in the 80s whom eventually changed the history of modern art today. Basquiat shows how one individual can put the world to attention, with writings on the walls and with but powerful strokes of the brush to walls of abandoned streets in Soho. How ironic is it, that when Rob called me that afternoon with this shocking news, I was watching a DVD that Keesje’s made for me about Basquiat.

“But I saw her last that Friday.. And we’ve just made her that table..” A table carved from a castle door.. Gosh.. may she walk through it today.

When somebody as nice as Keesje departs, it makes one rekindle cherished memories. Most to remind me of how precious this moments are of spending good times with the ones you love.

Upon death, every second lost becomes timeless… We could have travelled the world together. We could have seen New York City together again… I could have introduced her to Singapore. But she didn’t need that. She’d always be the strong beautiful person we remember her by. The happy artist, caring wife, Cat lover, Weber Master Chef and the woman who calls my 1st daughter out to see this beautiful life while laughing over dinner in Jersey.

RIP Keesje Wichard. Peace be with you.

Sterkte Rob


4 responses

  1. Rob

    it still touches me just as much as during the first read. So beautiful, thanks Bro!!!

    February 18, 2012 at 12:48 pm

    • It’s somebody closest to your heart.. Just sharing the light that she’s shed on the rest of us. She’s a star in heaven.

      February 19, 2012 at 1:35 pm

  2. Rob

    And again it touches me. Truly beautiful words and she deserved nothing less.

    August 10, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    • Still in our hearts.. We gotta meet up soon!

      September 23, 2016 at 12:04 pm

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