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If iPhone 5 doesn’t include NFC then S+ark’s ZIK is made for lemons.

There is only one thing missing from this.. the iPhone we have does not come with the Near Field Communicator (NFC) chip built in to take full advantage of music transfers apart from the standard bluetooth designation. It would have easily been a touch-and-go process which we might see in the forthcoming model in iPhone 5. The scene in the club where music gets transfered to his ears was done with a Blackberry Curve.

In the following video from CES 2012, Parrot’s rep demonstrated the headphone using an iPod Touch. Again targeting the biggest music buyers but missing the main feature of the headphone music transfer which uses NFC Technology. Like Beats headphones from DrDre, the ZIK comes with head detection, jawbone detection, and Stereo Active Noise Cancellation with bluetooth tech. There is an additional app for ZIK it seems, soundshaping control they call Audio Concert Hall Effect which allows Stereo Width control with EQ form factors.

Overall, I’m sold to this headphone. Never thought the man who is world renown for his award winning lemon squeezer would come up with something audibly grand to my ears.

Edited from ReadWriteWeb:

NFC, or near field communications, is the technology that’s supposed to power our mobile wallets in the future, according to just about every technology expert and analyst. It does a whole lot more, such as unlock doors and allow people to quickly and wirelessly transmit data to one another.

The iPhone 5 is likely to include a chip from Qualcomm that includes NFC functionality, according to the New York Times. And if it doesn’t, the subsequent generation of the handset is all but guaranteed to have it.

For Apple, it’s not so much a race to satisfy consumers, among whom demand for wireless payments is not in particularly high. Rather, it’s a matter of staying ahead of its competitors, who are already building the technology into handsets. The Nexus S is only one of a few Android-powered devices that support NFC, which is a higher priority for Google because its own ambitions in the mobile payments space. The three latest models of the Blackberry Curve also include NFC chips, as do Samsung’s newest Bada-based handsets, among others.

There’s no doubt that Apple is working on NFC, it’s just a matter of when iPhone users will get to use it. When they do, it may provide that hefty push mobile payments and NFC need to begin to achieve mainstream adoption.

via ReadWriteWeb – By John Paul Titlow / September 16, 2011


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