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Human Bird Wings – too good to be true

When news got out about a Dutch guy taking flight yesterday soaring in the air for a minute like a bird, I got all skeptical. For real? How in the world did he accomplish that?? It’s on Google’s lane of course and fare enough, tonnes of coverage on day one. Even WIRED seems to have picked up on it. Their analysis is based on the ‘almost-legit’ irregular human motion-captured video.. that leaves you to judge it for yourself. But the most compelling report was from Gizmodo with CGI experts crying foul on this human ‘feat’.

My thoughts? Seriously. How he managed to get few seconds of stable airborne footage from his helmet while flapping his arms like crazy made me laugh. There was no cameraman on the right front of him during the lift, so where that side footage came from has to be from an earlier plain background shoot. And that perfectly safe landing?? It crashed all legit-ness of this flight.


One thing is for sure though, that JarnoSmeets has a real creative gang of bros.


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