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Pulse Controller – MIDI On Any Object

Personally, I prefer(ed) to compose with acoustic instruments more than digital. Boosted capability to create and capture with today’s powerful mobile devices and computers however have slowly made me a believer; that electronic, might very well be the best way to scratch your idea this century..

I remember using iPhone’s Voice Memo to sing melodies into it just to remember a certain idea before it zaps into smoke. Novelty I thought. I used to travel with a micro tape recorder for the same reason. But recently, my rhythm section and accompanying melody have been conjured up in iMaschine. This idea stored in an iPhone can later be transfered to Maschine program later for further editing and production. In fact, if you think it’s good enough, you can even bounce the pre-fab section into Soundcloud instantaneously from the mobile device.

Through out my Audio Engineering course, I despise MIDI lessons. It even took me a while to agree with the idea that most production takes have to be recorded with a metronome for easier comping later on. To me it was not in any way musical as it’s more like a magic act. Like plucking a white rabbit off a top hat, with bags of tricks on the side to create something out of binaries and arpegios. The plethora of VST and AU (digital) synthesizers didn’t mean anything to me unless the human-controller is musically able to play a decent tune, and it had better be in time. Oh of course, there’s that Q button which puts all your messy notes into place, which could also cause problems if not used moderately. Knobs and buttons to tweak synthesizer’s algorithms almost meant nothing to me. Give me an analog synth, yes, that would make Jack smile. But not this digital-based wave-manipulating emulators.

OK I may sound bias, too bias in fact. Ignore all that. Truth is, I’m starting to love the ability to create and in fact edit micro compositions on the go, or even in bed. With this new toy out, I’m more curious where one would be composing with Pulse Controller… You could be up on a tree, on the seat of a bus, or even on somebody’s bum.. Let your imagination run wild!! What I especially like about this device is that it’s based on rhythm and not melody. Oh yes, it can go a whole wrong way when you strike a wrong note. MIDI hereby is triggered by the physical strike attack and amplitude, meaning its velocity sensitive just as how MIDI keyboards / pads are.

Is Pulse Controller not a Stethoscope With Piezo Mic Built-In?

Is Pulse Controller not a Stethoscope With Piezo Mic Built-In?

Whatever it is, no matter how unique they market it to be, what strikes me most is this question:

Is Pulse Controller no-different from a Midi Trigger like those already created for drums?? Only this time it’s given a doctor’s stethoscope design to ‘better listen’ to the surface of which you strike.. But MIDI programs change are still done on a laptop keyboard though, or any MIDI controller in that case. But that’d beat the whole purpose of having this stethoscope right. Oh yes I mean Pulse Controller.

Further details say that it’s got a built-in piezo microphone which should be of an omnidirectional pattern to pick up any incoming vibrations. The included program can generate fixed note or random notes in a selected scale, with control of octave, octave width, root pitch and 21 Scales similar to the KB Scale option on the Animoog Synth on iPad. Fixed note length and note choking ability adds to its fun factor.

Oh come on people, its simply a microphone which triggers a programmable MIDI Note. Go read about it. So here it is.. Eureka or YouSucka! You be the judge.



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