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Farewell Dear Friends

Relocation, emigration and goodbyes are hard to do. But it’s for a better future. We’ll see you in Curaçao soon!

Enjoy the sunshine..


We don’t have a big family here in Holland. But we do have good friends that have kept us in good company. Even though my wife’s a Dutch national, her book wormy ways in school have made her more friends at work that she did in school. But that’s the thing, her one best friend whom she grew up with for some 40 odd years have decided to emigrate to Curacao for a better purpose. They were family to us.

We talked about it one evening while the kids asleep. It all came down to one definite answer, that as a parent, we would (also) do all we can to the best interest of our children. To better health and a better future. I wouldn’t be complaining either if its the sunny side that they’re heading to. 🙂

Here’s wishing the best to the Van Den Bergs!! And definitely someday soon, we’ll come and visit. Tot straks!!


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