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Farewell Mophie.. You were good while it lasts..

I was very happy with my old Juice Pack which still works til today for the iPhone 3G. So happy I even customized it and wrote a blog about it. Great product!

Custom Mophie color explosion

When I got an iPhone 4, the most natural thing to do was buy myself the new Mophie Juice Park Air to replace the previous that no longer fits this new phone. So happy with it that I bought two, one for my wife too. The other has Serial No. TR03721054-BK

Fast forward, 1 year+ later both this Juice Pack Air no longer work. They seem to be made out of inferior materials. The side silver rails got a little lose, then the cable USB insert jack got lose too and broke. Which afterwards needs a bit of wiggling before it even ‘blips’ connect for charging or syncing.

One broke down earlier in March ’12 and now the other would also not charge or hold a charge. The 4 LEDs indicator light up instantly on FULL when connected to the USB charging source (Which is a MacBook Pro or iMac 27″ to charge them normally. Other times it goes on the USB AC adapter from our iPad) but when connected to the iPhone4 it just charges for 2 seconds and it stops dead. Battery indicator no longer light up.

I’m not even going to ask for service warranty on this 2x Mophie Juice Pack Air but I just wanted to say what a lousy product this has become compared to the original Juice Pack that still works (from 2009)! I wrote on twitter about tossing this 2 broken units and of course it got picked up by @mophie on twitter; asking me to write my issue to Tech Support.

Mophie Juice Pack Air - So good I bought 2.

So here it is. For what it’s worth.
2 Juice Pack Air just a little off over a year broken from normal everyday use.
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Are new products not meant to outlast older products?
In this case, definitely not.

I have since then went to get myself a Zagg Sparq 2.0 which we carry around for the house of iPhones. It might be a brick in the bag with 6000mAh of power stacked, but its working well for its purpose.

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