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Excellent! This one never needs valve oil.

Finally a working MIDI app for trumpet players! And by definition, the real pocket trumpet.

I love that you can see how the tune is played on the highlighted colored valves for songs in the playlist. That alone makes this app priceless for students and curious iOS musicians. That’s a teacher and trumpet for less than $3! In your pocket!

Despite the excitement, I wonder if some of the features can be improved or even implemented:

1. Audio playback controls on screen only work with iTrump’s playlist audio and not for iTunes. It feels rough having to go back to iTunes just to stop or start playback or select next track. Not many advanced players would use iTrump’s default playlist. More would (by my guess) use audio tracks already available on their iTunes playlist.

2. Maybe enable new features, like Create Loop, Tempo Control, and Record Audio performance. You know, to make it more fun! 🙂

On the whole an EXCELLENT app with huge potential for trumpet teachers / students / players who wants to practice without waking up the neighbor, family, spouse or cat.

iTrump is available on iTunes for $2.99

Now go practice Freddie Freeloader and do it like like Miles Davis 🙂


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