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Phil Collins + The Police = Bruno Mars Locked Out Of Heaven

When I first heard it couple of months back on the radio, I really thought it was a re-release by Police. Should have kept it to myself, but my wife thought I was trippin.. Heck it GOT me listening to the radio.. With closer listening, you start to ‘see more clearly’ that something was re-created. That Copeland drums little cleaned up, the bass just as raw and full. The when I heard him sing, all I can think about is how Bruno just mind-fucked us listeners with Phil Collin’s “Easy Lover” and Police’s “Spirits In The Material World”. Don’t get me wrong; its a great song but its not his song.. well yes the sex lyrics is his.. Got me shakin my head somewhat in disgust. All I can think about was, what’s Sting and Phil’s gonna say about this??

Listen here the Police track named “Spirits In The Material World” at the 0:50 into the song..

And then also this from Phil Collin’s “Easy Lover” chorus from about 1:40.. sounds all to familiar doesn’t it..

And my goodness, how he got away with it, essentially ripping off The Police in his new song then gets Sting up onstage at the grammys last night..?? What is going on???? Really all I perceive when I hear that bass line is its The Police song. I don’t know why he never asked Sting to sing Spirits In The Material World.. and to heck with Phil Collins right, just borrowed the vocal groove but the bass line; Mr Bruno got it sorted out. What ever. I’m glad music today is evolving from the past, but a scarily fast one at that can’t be justified as original. Watch the video til the end.. Grammy calls it a tribute to Bob Marley with his 2 sons Ziggy, Damien and Rihanna on stage, a 2 minutes tribute.

Really talented of you mr Bruno. Well done..


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