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For the love of music, let me fix it.

Few years back when I just joined Vimeo, it triggered to me that I also can do my part to assist this growing community of video makers. Whenever I visit the site, 90% of the time I’d be listening to the audio via my studio monitors setup.

If you know my background in music, I was 1st Trumpetist with a concert and marching band for almost 10 years throughout my educational years. That said, I came across the video of a classical concerto of violin and piano by Boris Berezovsky playing Carmen.

It was great until when I suddenly hear digital distortion in its forte fortissimo regions.. Somebody must have set the gain up too hot. It’s unexpected if they didn’t know the composition. What a waste of a recording I thought. But I caught myself listening to it a couple of time.s. Then I told myself. I can fix this. If he has different source of audio captures, I can fix it.

The rest was about commenting and emailing sound capture files with 2MakeMovies… 2 or 3 days of tinkering on ProTools with the given audio assets, automation, level controls and geek tweeks, I fixed the audio like the accident never happened. Listen for yourself..

There are video producers and there are sound engineers. Most of the time, its about preparation and separation. Despite all planned, Murphy’s law often plays his part and then your hardwork is ruined. Not all the time as bad. What I did here was solve a problem in post. It’s just one of the things that I am capable of doing as an audio engineer. Manipulating sounds. An audio guy’s work is NOT only about mixing and recording audio, but in this case also ‘fixing’ bad audio that needs to be salvaged for good use.

If you want to know more about what we do, be sure to visit our website at rastAsia because we care to make you sound good.

Just out of interest, here’s another community project that I was involved with. Basically translating a Dutch poetry and reading my translated version into the original clip it was created for. If you never thought audio engineers cannot speak, then think again.

Audio Engineer
rastAsia – Netherlands


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