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CanalDigitaal’s satellite tech… (nightmare).

………… Continued from HERE


Just a little past 9am in the Netherlands. The doorbell rings.

Let’s see what this guy can do.. He introduces himself, walks in, looks at the satellite dish and say “I cannot fix it. It’s not an official hardware from CanalDigitaal.” And then he looks at the SAT Box Receiver. “This is also not from CanalDigitaal.”

They gotta be kidding me. I didn’t ask him to do much. I only want him to realign the dish and see if he can raise the bar and have it sit on a sweet spot. If successful, then we’ll do another year with the Family Channels. Reluctant, he called his back office to tell the situation. And hearing from the telephone spill (he must have been half deaf to be listening in that loud) I can hear the customer support explaining his JOB here. Fix the dish alignment.


Mr Satellite Know All turns on my TV and TechniSat receiver and exclaimed, “Look there is no reception on your channels!” – like I didn’t know that. Because the dish is out of alignment!

“I don’t know how to fix this… What dish is that you using?” He made a quick guess and told the guy on the phone, “He is using some unofficial triple satellite dish and receiver..”

“Four LNBs”, I added with four fingers extended to make him understand. But he somehow shrugged to believe there’s F-O-U-R Low Noise Blocks in that small TechniSat Multytenne Twin dish. TechniSat is a reputable satellite tv manufacturer from Germany with most refined research into the industry and he doesn’t recognise it.

Sometimes people have such low perception of us consumers. Are they not aware that we do research on products before actual purchase? Well at least I know I do. In fact I’ve been using this system without much issue since October 2007. I even mounted it myself! Heck, I even proudly blogged about it few years back. That Clarke-Tech receiver have been upgraded to Technisat’s DigicorderHD S2 with a 1TB drive and Twin Tuner. Everything is working dandy apart from the lousy signal feed, even before the storm! But right now it’s just gone worse.

Clarke-Tech 5000HD-Combo + TechniSat Multytenne TWIN with 4 Satellites reception (Part 1 of 4)

He hanged up the phone. Looked outside on the satellite dish and muttered, “Ok. I’ll bring in an official CanalDigitaal’s receiver and see if we can get any reception.” He walks out to the car. It was beginning to rain now outside which makes me gain some respect to this guy again with the nature of his work. And also finally making some sensible action to the problem in hand.

DigiCorder HD

He unplugs my receiver and connects a Philips DSX7072/03A onto the Coax Cable. I recognize that SATbox as an old unit no longer used by CanalDigitaal. But the certification of these hardware have to be understood that they come with compatible CI-card readers with the service provider – in this case CanalDigitaal.

Still no picture. He walks out and grab the ladder from his car and FINALLY climbed up to the shed to adjust the dish. I hear the continuous beep from his digital dish alignment tool. Satellite LOCK. Back in my living room, with his shoes all wet from the rain, he runs the system to do an automated channel search.

Should he not have already tuned-in chanels with the receiver? Looking at how new it is, I guess it must have been an NOS unit.

While waiting for that slow process I made him coffee. I can see he was still skeptical of that dish outside somehow..

Clearly he never got further tech training with other hardwares apart from the ones that CanalDigitaal has to offer. I can understand where he’s coming from though. Normal satellite dish with one LNB have to be tilted up and skewed to the angle of the satellite in space. But if only Mr Satellite Know All spend some time reading about other satellite hardware, he would know that the LNBs in TechniSat Multytenne dish are all pre-aligned and pre-skewed in such a way that when the 1st A/A LNB is pointed to Astra 19.2˚E, the rest would automatically be in alignment. The offset of 30˚also simply means that the required elevation of 28.9° on Azimuth 161.6° now becomes 28.9° – 30° = -1.1° (almost vertical).

Scanning done, he looks dismayed. The result showed poor reception for the HD channels. Yes. And that is  exactly why he was sent here. HD channels from CanalDigitaal comes from Astra 23.5°E which is partially blocked by the roofs of this long stretched building.

So his deduction? “I cannot fix it.” Instead he added, “Best you go to the shop where you bought your unit. Buy a taller mast and see if that would improve the HD reception.”

You gotta be kidding me right? I thought that’s what he’s here for. He wants me to basically GO FIX IT MYSELF. I thought fine. Since he’s clueless on what he’s here for. Might as well just send him off as I got the dish at least aligned – for now. He apologizes, packs up and left with a smiling GOOD LUCK gesture.

It was not going to happen I guess. There is no solution to fix to this poor HD reception. I turned on my SAT receiver and only then noticed that I don’t have any picture on screen. Oh NO. He didn’t re-calibrate the dish back to the Satellite I needed. Basically what he did was, he left it pointing to Astra 23.5 which is not what this dish should be pointed to. It needs Astra 19.2E.

It’s raining.. I’ll put it to rest. This useless appointment wore me out for the day.

Four days later.

Still no TV or follow-up mail from CanalDigitaal about the failed attempt to fix the dish. I expected that the tech should have reported the unsolved problem.


Fed up. I decided to put the situation into my own hands again. I bought SATLINK WS-6908 SE to make my job easier during alignment. Costed me quite some money but what the heck. No one else to assist with the signal relay in the living room so I can now do it by myself. Charged the battery up and I was up on the shed again re-aligning the dish. Less than 20 mins later I am done.

But TODAY I got a shocking eMail from CanalDigitaal about the report from the tech.

We could not realign the dish because the TripleSat appeared to be defect. The TripleSat belongs to you and not CanalDigitaal, and for that reason we can not swop it for a new one without charges. We can offer you a new dish with an external triple LNB for a discount price. If you’re interested, we would like to hear from you and we will inform you about the possibilities.


CanalDigitaal Service Failure


CanalDigitaal should be offering not just hardware but also its professional service on providing good satellite reception to its customers. Since when are we limited to the hardwares to receive satellite reception. It’s a global reception, meaning you have the opportunity to offer licensing to viewers without the need to buy your hardware. The only reason I use CanalDigitaal is to have regular Dutch TV channels at home for the kids. Most of the time however, I’d be on FTA channels from UK, France, Germany or whatever else I wish to watch from the 3000+ receptions that I get from my working 4LNBs dish.

Them asking me to buy another satellite dish is a sign of unprofessional service. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the TechniSat Multytenne. How the tech guy does not believe me that there is 4 LNBs in the Multytenne is appalling to begin with. He insists and in fact reported it as three LNB makes me chuckle. Not only do they have a lying tech who makes false report about a dish he knows nothing about; now his solution is to scam me on a triple LNB dish that is inferior to the one I already got? I guess that’s what you get from relying on a FREE MONTEUR. I have it all fixed by myself in 20 mins. I cannot improve the local HD reception however, as I didn’t get the longer mast to mount the dish higher.

Maybe its time to get my account off from CanalDigitaal. I’ll be much happier to go with Digital TV from Ziggo or KPN. We also have Netflix now. A hard lesson learnt this one. If only CanalDigitaal cares about the service they failed to render.

Last words to the tech who needs to be fired. Don’t let the technology you don’t know fail you.

And CanalDigitaal, Don’t treat your customers like a bunch of purses and wallets.


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