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Service makes part of your customer satisfaction.. Or is it not?

Subsequently, after the torrential storm here in Holland(28 Oct 2013), reception from our satellite television have gone a little bezerk. Quite easily, one can deduce that the Technisat Multytenne dish placed above the shed might have shifted a couple of degrees. Even the apple tree looks slanted after being tormented by the 180kph gusts that whole day. But that’s not the main concern. I have to stress that the reception from Holland’s channels via satellite have been utter crap compared to the ones coming from UK or Turkey or rest of the globe.

Weak transmission signal

It’s nothing unusual when you hear people complaining about losing satellite reception when the weather turns bad. But in that scenario, outside of Holland, it only loses reception when the storms gets REAL bad with electrostatic charges and lightning. But the case with CanalDigitaal’s signal, you’re bound to lose picture when the cloud gathers long before lightning strikes. And when it pours with dark clouds above, you’re left with less chance have any Dutch television. It might sound like a scam, but yes, you have to pay for even the basic channels from CanalDigitaal and you don’t get compensated whenever this ‘natural problem’ hits.

Good for the tulips, not good for local satellite users. It’s an unavoidable issue.. Holland gets its rainfall pretty regularly throughout the year. 

Why is it when signal is lost from Dutch channels, other tv satellite network still runs fine.. FTAs (free to air channels) like Russian news continues to air in HD, UK channels like ITV HD or BBC HD is having transmission as usual. Slight drop in signal strength, piercing through the same skies. So if Free To Air Channels outside of Netherlands have stronger transmission signals, what does it say about the ones we paying for? After much pondering, I thought maybe get rid of the system altogether and just get-on with digital television from cable. Especially when it comes with lousy service from CanalDigitaal.

Calling CanalDigitaal

It costs EUR 0,35 p/min to talk to CD’s customer service. I explained myself slowly regarding the situation. I guess when they see you have 3 additional subscription from their services, they give you the well-deserved attention.

I asked to stop my subscription on Film1 HD and Sport1 HD. Simple reason being Netflix costing less (at EUR 8 a month) and that I don’t have to wait a specific time and day to watch the program. As soon as I explained the disruption with this rainy weather, it seemed like a dead-ringer for him. The customer service guy replied simply with a “Yes I understand that frustration.” – All this in English too!

He continued, “I see you have Family Entertainment and also the Basic Package.” His tone changed and asked. “What if I send you a guy to get the reception issue fixed. Maybe he’d raise the pole to get better line of sight. And if that works, you get an extension year for the Family Entertainment package.”

Sounds like a sound deal to me. The last time I had a tech re-allign the dish after a wind storm it costed me EUR 75! So I agreed to the offer granted. I’m sure I’d profit from the taller mast for the dish.



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