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Dragon Boat Racing in Olympics Rio 2016

DB road to sochi

Was the first week of the Olympic Torch Relay event televised live worldwide? I don’t know how I could have missed such an event not being spoken or mentioned about on the www. Many passionate dragon boat paddlers would have taken the time to catch this momentous event which took place in mid October. The relay which took 123 days, ends in Sochi Monday 7th October for the grand opening recently.

After Moscow, the Olympic Torch Relay headed to the ancient town of Torzhok, where it was greeted by pilots of the Golden Eagles aerobatic team. Then it visited the city of Military Glory of Russia – Tver, where it traveled by bike and later a dragon boat. Russians are definitely bad ass with the torch bearings. As it approached ancient city Tver, it was there that it was transferred into a dragon boat. There was no details which Tver team was paddling these black-headed dragons. But it led an impressive fleet of 150 kayaks and canoes on the Volga River that Oct 11. The ceremony was welcomed by more than 200,000 spectators whom were eager to witness the Olympic flame escorted by dragon boat down the Volga River. I’ve never seen a procession more majestic than this in dragon boating history.

Following this picturesque event, there’s been lots of chatter about the sport being considered to be included in the following Olympics meet due in Rio 2016. If this is true, that would be fantastic news for many of the teams worldwide. Dragon boat racing is the fastest growing water sport that’s garnered huge interest not just in Asia but have stretched right into the heart of Russia and its European neighbors. In the line of the greek sporting history, the core of the Olympic flame could easily relate the likewise ethics of camaraderie stature which dragon boating brings along with it.

Dragonboat Olympic Torch Sochi 2014


What better sport is there to embrace the ethics of Olympiads, where man work in unison not just in physical strength but also spiritual cohesion to appreciate and show understanding the meaning of sacrifice. This dedication to righteousness through the passage of time, which lives among us have resonated for more than two thousand years. Let Qu Yuan bear witness, that this race will symbolize both man’s struggle against nature and his fight against unforeseen enemies. Flame of Athens would bellow in agreement that this are the the kind of events summoned by the gods; but only this time to be made tradition by humans. Let us show our strength as a team, keeping the camaraderie driven by trust bestowed upon each other. Let it have new beginnings in the waters of Rio. It is the journey that have been long awaited, adding an explosion of colors to the wreath of Olympics. Let this fire breathing myth from the East unite more communities than anything else in this time. 200m to 5,000m races that would see even more participants that Rome would have ever witnessed. Let us beat the drums. Let’s awaken the dragon to the flame of the Olympics!

Dragon Boat for Rio Olympics 2016

Water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, but only three Olympic sports take place on it: sailing, rowing and canoeing (well, if you exclude swimming, diving and a few horsey jumps that take place in it). There must surely be room for another sport on water, and one with a rich tradition and a theatrical flourish should surely prove irresistible. An ornate dragon’s head prow, 20 or so paddlers in near-perfect unison, a drummer beating the stroke (think how good Redgrave and Pinsent would have been with that) and a sweep with a 10ft rudder steering the boat. It was good enough for the Asian Games, which adopted the sport in 2010. – The Guardian

May dragons soar in Rio for 2016

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