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DragonTrek, DragonBattle, Dragon Tug-of-War.. You name it.

DragonTrekYou say you know dragonboat. Right.. But now take away the coxswain. Take away the drummer. Next, keep your best 4 paddler on one end of the boat. Done? Now, allow 4 of your best opponents into the other end of the boat, facing you and your team. Awkward? You’re on a duel into a real face-off like never before. It’s your chance for a total show-of-strength as never tried before. Now you wait and breathe while the umpire tug that boat into the centre of the pool. The spot lights on you. Remember to breathe. But don’t forget technique. And don’t forget you’re still only going to win it if you work as a team. Ready..? You’re off! DragonTrek held by Alkmaar Dragons this winter brought 27 teams together. Dragon Force, one of the four teams from The Dutch Dragons won the Mixed Team category. Congratulations to Ingrid, Liese, Michael and Chiel!

This is a beastly new paddlesport of dragonboat where 2 teams battle-off and show strength. The sudden mayhem is taking over European dragonboat teams by storm. When straight line races are no longer comfortable in blistering winter season, many of Europe’s teams take their dragons indoors, dwelling in public pools before/after the public gets access. DragonTrek or Dragonboat Indoor as it’s called here is gaining momentum as a very popular paddlesport to date. Competitions are sprouting widely in Holland and ever more in Germany and Singapore.

The Dutch Dragons at Alkmaar DragonTrek 2015

Photo credit: Ron de Bruin

Vikings have their longships, Caribbean Indians have dugout canoes, Pacific Islanders and Polynesians got va-as and outriggers, Europeans now have headless Dragonboats bringing the sport into a complete fusion of East and West. Like it or not, dragon boating is getting more and more exposure in the media. Participation in the sport is ever growing with more nations competing at elite level and more corporations are beginning to use it for corporate team-building. Dragonboat is not recognised as an Olympic event. However, prestige competitions includes the World Championships for national teams which are held on odd-numbered years and the Club Crew World Championships, for crews representing their own clubs and not their countries, held on even years. Continental Championships are also held annually.

Face 2 Face is the new Forward.


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