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Nausea like Birdman

Long tracking shots are cool.. In Birdman’s case it got me a little nausea. Instead of drawing me close, I tried to pull away from being in the bird’s vision.

And by the way how the heck did Alejandro pull this one off with no reflection of the camera rig in the mirror??


OK. So I guess they deserve all that awards for the layers of questions it’s generated. What a bizarre story though.

The only time I woke up from the zombified state of mind through the lengthy shots was when the syncopated jazz drumming soundtrack suddenly fell into place with the side street drummer who appeared into camera frame. Now that, I thought was class. I wonder how the talents were mic’d.. Must have been monitored via a remote mix somewhere in the ‘theatre’.

Technically mind boggling over the tracking shots. But it seems to lose its purpose in its classic effort to draw viewers. But hey, all done for artistic reasons. What did you think about the movie. Over theatrical you think or totally outstanding?


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