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AMBEO Soundbar

Been using the same 5.1 Surround Speakers from BOSE for almost 22 years and I think it is finally time to make a change. Will be making time to remove all that surrounding wires that’s been lining the living space perimeters and get equal or better sound for the future with this newly released product from Sennheiser. We have had fun with their FOA mic the AMBEO VR, now this seems like the most natural step – to pair with the recordings we got!

Though – you really don’t need to.

The beauty of the system is flexibility with the AMBEO format that is incomparable with other surround audio tech. It is not dependent on what kind of format the audio source is from. It will play 5.1 or stereo just fine too for most home users. In addition this will also enable you to play 5.1.4 which previous needed Dolby Atmos systems which are still connected systems through wires to be spread out between speakers and sub woofer. AMBEO is plug-n-play for those who just wants to capture or playback most immersive and rich audio without the hassle from the past. No more entangled wires. Now let the planes and bullets fly above your head to the rear and back or let Nascar racing audio wraps around you when it goes round the track. You’re about to get immersed in ridiculously good audio.

The AMBEO Soundbar is compatible with the 3D audio formats Dolby Atmos®, MPEG-H and DTS:X™. Beyond this, it also features upmix technology, which recreates stereo and 5.1 content as a thrillingly immersive 3D sound experience. –


MPEG-H – Your personalized audio format

So much development in sound in recent years. This one is the one that we’d be waiting for to truly leap into the future. Do watch the post by Fraunhofer IIS as it describes what is in store in this very near future.

Chris Jojo’s interview on spatial audio.


Listen A Little – TSO ft Oxygen

Found a good band to listen to the other day. What was even more interesting was the integration of Ambisonic mix done by their audio engineer Khushh Mehta of KRMA Mastering Mumbai/Bangalore.

I grew up in Singapore, thus this Indian ascents added to a well defined jazz groove along with great instrumentalists really got me boppin to the beat and wondrous mix. Be sure to listen with headphones on this one. You don’t really need to, but that’s where the bonus is.

Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar

CES 2019: Sennheiser Dolby Atmos & DTS: X-Soundbar “Ambeo” arrives in May

In May, Sennheiser will launch the soundbar “Ambeo”, which was already presented at IFA. The Soundbar is the latest addition to Sennheiser’s AMBEO 3D audio program and offers 5.1.4 sound with a virtualization technology developed jointly with Fraunhofer and 13 speakers. The soundbar is compatible with Dolby Atmos, DTS: X and MPEG-H 3D audio formats. At the same time, stereo and 5.1 content can be played via Upmix as an immersive 3D sound experience.

The AMBEO Soundbar uses an automated room calibration that optimizes the sound for the individual room and the preferred seating position. Over five different presets (film, music, sports, news and a neutral setting) can also optimize the frequencies and the 3D sound characteristics for the corresponding content.

With built-in Google Chromecast, Bluetooth and HDMI eARC / CEC, there are a variety of connectivity options, complemented by three additional HDMI inputs, an optical audio input and an AUX (RCA) input.

The Soundbar can be operated via App: The Sennheiser Smart Control App for iOS and Android allows users to make sound settings, select presets, personalize the sound via the equalizer and choose between three different AMBEO modes (Light, Standard and Boost) , Future new features can be uploaded to the Ambeo Soundbar via Wi-Fi or app updates.

The Sennheiser “Ambeo” soundbar should cost 2499 EUR.

For more details and recerence, checkout Sennheiser’s homepage HERE.

Original post in German 11.01.2019 (Karsten Serck)


Foley shit! Red Bull MTB just got sweet.

Sound makes more than half the picture.
I still agree to that claim 200% despite what anybody else think. Or we’d be out of our jobs! When my eyes go off the screen, I am still engaged with the storyline through audio that permeates the room.
Make sure you watch the processed clip above first and then watch the raw clip with the post production work below. You’d smile on how you’ve been ‘fooled’ to be in the middle of the action. That’s the power of sound.

Great job by Eddie Masters and Dave McMillan. I just wish they shared the RAW audio from the original capture thus to understand the whole process which these foley did. Overall a good overall experience keeping us audience engaged. Sound is magic.

#SoundofSpeed #RedBull

ProTools’ Facebook 360 & Ambisonics

I know many would wish that AVID unlocks this capability also for non-HD ProTools user.. as many are left to gawk on its incredible usability with today’s growing market. It looks like it should be able to work with latest non-HD version as the final mixdown only consists of 9 Ambisonic audio file and 1 stereo file. But it is the new Track and Bus setup in 12.8.2 that is uniquely required to enable the Ambisonic mixdown and encoding. It might also just be due to safety nets that AVID lock this ability out; should you not have a proper surround sound studio setup which may cause output spatial audio errors either wise.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 23.42.59

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 23.42.36

Check out the short video how easy it is to use this app. If you’re a 360 design company who’s dabbled with apps like Kolor and similar as Autopano Video, audio plugins such as this is what would make your production stand out from the rest. Delivery to the web is still pretty limited. But looking at the clip, we see that it has been enabled for Facebook and YouTube 360 VR sharings which is fantastic for a start!