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Listening through Lightning

There is no sound from Lightning. What we hear is Thunder. – rastAsia


Straight to the chase.

While Apple calls it ‘moving forward’ incorporating wireless audio into their latest handy. I smell it as their sly attempt to nudge sales via its headphone accessories. There’s now reason to actually visit the page to see ‘what solutions’ is in store to this new problem they’ve created. Brilliant. So yeah, there’s another trip to your wallet. All the moaning and groaning from new/old iPhone adopters (is inaudible) until now. Yes that headphone jack is missing.

For the record, its clearly mentioned that the Lightning Earpods and Lightning-To-Jack adapter is included in the box. The advertized cool wireless Airpods however would set you back $159. Knowing me, I think it wouldn’t take long before I lose the jack adapter. And I will also lose one side of the Airpods just as quick. My solution? I’ll tape the adapter to the dedicated earphone. Why would I want to conform using the Lightning Earpods when it’s not flexible to be used on other devices, say my laptop?

The rest of the audio world is observing with a smile.

Lastly, here’s a scenario:
If you’re on a private conference call with the Lightning Earpods and the phone battery is suddenly in desperate need to charge, there is no other way but to BT your audio and plug in your charger through the very lightning port. No BT headphone? Then you’re forced to take the call via speaker. The only solution that I can find right now to beat this is via Belkin’s Rockstar dongle which allows simultaneuos charging and talking. It’s a $40 solution to your future complains.

Whoever it is that approved the design to omit the audio jack ought to be applauded – with their face in between these two hands. Anyway, I think it’s also time to get an external flash drive before the phone gets you. You knew that already – no external microSD slot available like that of the Samsung S7.