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Marantz’ CD Recorder. Old dog. Same good tricks.

Besides the Mackie 1402-VLZ Pro mixer that we occasionally use for quick drum mix in the studio, Marantz’ CDR-630 is probably another studio hardware that’s been with me since the hay day.

The Real Plug & Play
Does Exactly What It Says On Box


Unsurprisingly though, it’s still a worthwhile investment today considering it’s now more than 12 years old. (And still running great!) Comes handy in a recording studio for both quick demo mixdown, mastering and duplicating. If you don’t have time to boot your PC or can’t afford for it to hang while recording “on the fly”, simply switch on the CDR-630, put in a CD-R/W audio disk, select your input option and press record. No waiting for a window to open, no egg timer, no colored beach ball – just press a couple of buttons and you’re off!

Works awesome for duplicating CD demo or transferring DAT / MidiDisc audio with the CD Sync function from the built-in optical input with selected digital player. Multiple of these units can be “Daisy Chained” optically if you need to produce large numbers of demos. All in all, a good investment for the amateur recording musician or professional alike.

Now go hunt for one on eBay quick! Best be generous on your bid. There’s still some folks who adore this old tech. Especially after reading this blog. 😉